Big Love for The Senior Doberman Project

Small dogs are cute, but big dogs need love too.

Enter The Senior Doberman Project (SDP).

Brought to us by the folks at Special Needs Dobermans and The Doberman Digest, SDP focuses on putting senior dobermans in need to the forefront to help get them adopted or at least sponsored.

The SDP is not a rescue, but connects dogs in need, regardless of their rescue situation with folks that know and love this fun-loving, loyal breed. Their website does a first rate job at profiling the dogs in need which allows readers to understand what type of dog they might be getting (looks and personality) should they be interested.

Each heart-felt story of these elegant creatures makes the case on a very personal level.

If you're a rescue who knows of a dobie in need, SDP makes it extremely easy to register with them to bring your dog(s) more visibility. They're connected to rescues throughout the US, and appear to be open to connecting with more.

If you're a doberman lover and are looking for a new room mate, or know nothing about doberman's other than they're that big scary dog at the end of the street, I'd encourage you to check out the older pups at SDP. I think it'll change your perspective on the breed.

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