Bark Out Loud About Things That Change Your World

This is Charlie.

Charlie had a dream that he didn't know he'd ever see come true. It wasn't a big dream.

Charlie wanted to be a dog and do all the things that dogs do: Run. Play. And most important have someone to love.

Charlie's wasn't that old when I met him. Maybe he was five or six. His owner didn't want him anymore. He was disrupting her ability to go out. She said he was anxious and even nasty around other dogs, but when I first met him, all Charlie wanted to do was play and to be loved. I clocked him at a minute in his ability to go from a standing wag to the belly rub position.

Charlie met my dog and was defensive, not because he was a bad dog, but because no one had taken the time to help him understand that he could be friends with other dogs.

When Charlie needed a ride to and from his first rescue event I jumped at the chance. He was adopted within the first 45 minutes just for being Charlie: loving up against a young couple that wanted him as much as he wanted them, doing his crazy belly rub dance, and getting nervous around other dogs.

Charlie is doing great now, taking care of his new family, going out for runs with his new dad, and getting to spend his days being spoiled by his new mom.

Charlie always knew what was most important and was strong enough to hang on until the rest of us caught up to him. I'd like to thank Charlie for letting me be a small part of his story.

I'll never be the same because of you, buddy.

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