Join Me in a Moment of ZZZZZZZ: The Appreciation of Sleep

It's 2 AM and the puppy is crying. It needs to go out again.

No surprise. It already slept much of the day and you did get it all wound up before hitting the sack. So now what?

The simple answer is, take that dog outside. You don't want to have any accidents in the house.

Now consider how the older dog handles the same situation:

  • Wiser - Already knows your schedule.
  • Slower (by just a bit) - If you're nearby even in bed, they're going to be happy to just be around you.
  • House-trained - Your mileage may vary, but almost certainly they're going to have their act together better than a puppy when it comes to knowing when it needs to go out and how that fits into your schedule.
  • More Relaxed - Older usually translates into more easily tired by moderate exercise and therefore more ready to take the night off when you are.

Older dogs still need enough exercise to keep their muscle tone up making their appreciation for some quality rest and relaxation an important benefit. My advice is to look forward to sharing this perk so you can get up and do it all over again with them tomorrow.

Thanks for the Labrador Retriever Rescue for the original thoughts on this topic.

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