Warm Weather Safety for Your Grey Muzzled Companions

Rusty says, Woof, woof, woof! (what did you think he was going to say? He's a dog!)
If you're hitting the streets with your senior dog this summer, make sure that you're not over doing it.

Brush out that old dog, if he sheds and think about trimming back his coat a bit to reduce the risk that he'll overheat. Even 10 minutes in direct sunlight will make a dark coat hot to the touch, so be mindful and check him often.

During peak sunlight hours, don't go on extensive walks. Enjoy the day, but don't over exert your old friend when the temperature is at its most warm. Make sure he has plenty of shade to retreat to outside.

You'll hear a lot of warnings about walking your dog on hot asphalt this time of year. Dogs paws are sensitive to heat, so don't walk them on the black top for any longer than you can stand it barefoot. If there are stretches where there is nothing but asphalt, try to walk them near the edge where they can step off into the brush or, better yet, try to take a route that is more shaded.

If you're leaving him home for the day, ensure that if he's outside that he can easily get back in. Even overcast days can get mighty toasty during the summer months. Short nosed dogs who are already predisposed towards breathing problems should be afforded a nice cool, dry place to relax during the day inside. Check to make sure that your dog knows how to use the dog door, just to play it safe.

Take extra special care of those dogs that have no coats, to make sure that they have some light clothing on to protect them from harmful UV rays. A dog's skin is so very sensitive that those dogs without a protective coat are especially at risk this time of year. Try to limit their exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible.

Finally, have plenty of water ready either in their regular bowl, or via a travel bowl if you're out and about. Check with your vet if you think your dog is drinking excessively, but make sure that you're providing enough context (like they were exercising more or it was extra hot out, etc.) so that they have all of the necessary information required to make the right call.
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