Bark Out Loud - Two Dogs Separated by the Waves

This week's Cover Pooch, Peppy, comes to us from The Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego (CRSD). Peppy was in a tough spot, when her owner was stricken ill. The CRSD swooped in to find a suitable foster home for her until someone can give her the forever home she deserves. A special thanks to Tanya, Peppy's owner's granddaughter who reached out to SeniorPooch, to all of the rescues that I contacted who gave me all sorts of great advice and contacts (which I'm now fully armed with for next time), and CRSD's very own Sabrina who through shear tenacity was able to work her magic to save one more small, but very important life.

Finally, the tale of two dogs referenced in the title of this post and the very different turns their stories took:

The first is Lennox, the pitbull sentenced to death because he looked like a banned breed in Belfast, Ireland, was put to death this week despite available alternative options to re-home him outside of the law's jurisdiction. To understand how such an injustice is allowed to go on, I'd recommend you read up on the subject on Understand-A-Bull and read through their explanations and tools for fighting Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

The other dog is Blue. Blue continues his journey to freedom in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, where his adoptable family has been successful in keeping him safe from malcontents who were harassing him. In addition, the town has unofficially applied a hands-off policy in picking him up, while his family is in the process of constructing the electronic fence that will keep him contained enough to comply with the city's ordinance about off-the-leash dogs.  His Facebook page tells of his ongoing adventures and is thick with the love supporters from all over the world has been spreading.

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