Bully for Best Bully Sticks

Rusty is not discerning about a lot of things that he eats. While not everything agrees with his aging tummy, he's game for pretty much any treat that has some meat on it.

In an unofficial taste test I offered him two bully sticks, one from a big box store and another from Best Bully Sticks. I was surprised when he went for the Best Bully Stick, but decided to take it a step further by offering the big box brand and holding the Best Bully Stick a ways off. 

I can do this 100 different times with 100 different treats I can do this and he'll take the closer, put it down somewhere if he can't t knock it off right there, and then go for the treat further away. Not with Best Bully Sticks. He sniffed the closer stick and then went back to old faithful. 

Pure beef, made in the USA
They come in regular and odorless although I can't tell the difference. They're available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a great product, less expensive than the big box offerings, made right here in the USA, that dogs love get over to Best Bully Sticks. They're a real find and Rusty-Approved.

Find the size and style that works for you and give them a try:
Disclaimer: is an affiliate of Best Bully Sticks. I try to write a fair and balanced review of each product, in this case based upon first hand experience. If I find a better bully stick out there, I'll be back, but I haven't yet, not by a long shot.