Bark Out Loud and Spread the Love

Senior Labrador Retriever Mix, Shelbie, in San Jose, CA

Shelbie's an adoptable lab-mix up in Northern California, who is still looking for a home. She's just about as sweet as can be. 

The past few weeks,'s posts have been picked up by eHow and I'm thrilled that as many people come to the site as they do, so having syndication partners like these two is more than I could have asked for before starting this little venture.

We've had several interviews come back just recently, so I'll be prepping them for the next few weeks. We have rescues, animal advocates, dog walkers, dog owners, and even movie makers coming our way in the coming weeks talking about a variety of topics.

Speaking of movie makers, I've been in touch with documentary film producer, Jessi Badami, who is creating a film about Lucky Paws, a very special shelter located in a mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The team is over at raising funds to get this film made. I'm a backer and hope that you'll watch their video and throw a few bucks in their direction to help make this very special project happen. You'll be seeing more of this on in the weeks that follow.

Here's a sneak peak of what they're up to:

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