Judge me by my size, do you?

If there's a dog that has more friends of all species in our neighbor than Rusty, it's his buddy, Blue, the pug pictured above. Blue keeps tabs on his person, a personal trainer, at the park behind where we live.

Whether you're a dog or a person, Blue greets all comers. Sometimes he'll just lay on a blanket or the foam playground padding either soaking it all in or chewing on a bone, but at 12 years old he's earned it. The first time we really had an opportunity to meet, Blue came right up to us, confident at meeting a dog at least five times his size. From all the wagging it was obvious they were fast friends.

Not every dog is friendly to us, but when we need reassurance that there are still kind, thoughtful beings in the world, we'll head on over to Blue's spot to say howdy. Sometimes he has a pack of admirer's and we have to move along before they'll let him be.

No matter how tired each of the dogs are, if they see each other, they'll make an effort to say, "Howdy" to one another.

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