Milagro finds a home in Sunny San Diego

Nancy Stern, a training consultant, author, and speaker in San Diego, reached out to me recently to share  her experiences with her recently adopted senior lady, Milagro.  

What struck me about Nancy's tale is that it wasn't anyl that different from mine.  When I adopted my first senior dog, I wasn't sure I knew what I was getting myself into.  Happily, both of us are examples of us getting much more than we bargained for (in a good way.)

"She's quite a couch potato and would stay in bed all day if I'd let her but I take her for walks to the park every day,"  Nancy writes of the latest addition to her household.  "She has only been with me 6 weeks so her personality is just beginning to shine through,"  

Every dog warms up to people at their own rate, but it's obvious from Nancy's story, that she allowed Milagro to work out things on her own schedule, which I would imagine would make it a lot less stressful on both of them.   

"She keeps me company in my office when I'm working and has started following me around the house. I know we are meant to be together."

"She's 7 and a blend of who knows what but she is the sweetest dog and has lots of love to share. I was hesitant to adopt an older dog but now that we've been together a while, I'm so happy I did."

And I have no doubt from the pictures that she sent, that they found each other also.  Thank you so much for sharing, Nancy.  This was my highlight of the week.

Should anyone else have any stories to share about their aging dog, whether it be related to a recent adoption, like in Nancy's case, or experiences with older canines and would like to share on, please click the Contact Us link and send me a note.  

Thanks again, everyone for all of the positive, encouraging emails that I've been getting. 

Pictures by Nancy Stern. 

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