It's a bath scrubber. It's a de-shedder. No, It's the ultimate canine belly rubbing accessory

I recently came across the Kong Zoom Groom by accident while shopping in Petsmart for a rubber scrubbing mitt for Rusty's first bath. I had a few criteria for what I was looking for, includung:
  • Soft bristles, long enough to work the shampoo through both his inner and outer coats 
  • Easy to hang onto 
  • Durable, in that I didn't want to have to replace it after 2-3 uses 
I found exactly the mitt that I wanted, but then came across what could only be described as a new take on the brush. It sure wasn't shaped like a brush, but it fitss hands of all sizes perfectly. This eliminates the problem with some mitts that can only fit rather small hands inside of them or that are so large that you're struggling to keep it on while your dog tries to escape the tub.

The Kong brand was also a big selling point for me, especially with durable products. If you're familiar with the toys they make, it would take an animal more ferocious than a wolf to take them out. The Zoom Groom is no different. I figured that given how hard the toys can be that there was no way that this was going to be gentle enough. I was wrong. The bristles are perfect for dogs with different kinds of coats. 

The added bonus (and really my main use for this brush today) is its de-shedding capability. Just rub in a circular motion and you've got a nice layer of loose hair that otherwise would have found it's way into your carpet. Without exaggeration, a couple of sessions with the Zoom Groom saved me at least a canister full of hair during shedding season this year.  

With older dogs, I've had issues in the past with them being more susceptible to skin conditions, but this brush really does a great job of getting right up to the skin to give your dog a nice massage. which keeps the blood flowing, helping to keep your dog's skin healthy. (More on experiences in keeping your canine friend's skin as fresh as it was when they were a pup in a future post.) 

1 out of 1 dogs named Rusty agree: It's also the preferred method for belly rubs. 

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