Rusty makes the big time: Coast News Coverage of

I've posted on Facebook and Twitter that this was coming, but Coast News did an article on Rusty, Boo Boo, and myself and the journey that brought us to  I'm extremely grateful to Lillian Cox for her beautiful article and Larry Abgarian for introducing us.

The picture in this post shows Rusty (wearing Boo Boo's scarf) posing for our photo shoot.

Wait, did I just say "photo shoot"?

It's still pretty surreal to me.  Rusty on the other hand was unphased, soaking in the attention from the patrons of Champagne Bakery in Encinitas where we met.

We both had a great time chatting with Lillian about our story, as well as learning more about her own adventures.  To learn more about what she's writing about, you can visit her blog: A Nose for News.

The article can be found at: Man's Passion for Dogs Leads to Blog

Photo by Larry Abgarian.

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