Thoughtful Products from a Thoughtful Company:

The first thing that you notice when you visit is how much owner, Ann-Marie Fleming cares about older dogs. For a website dedicated to senior dog products, it's less about the sale and more about the solution, in terms of the practical information on products that can enhance your senior dog's quality of life.

I recently connected with Ann-Marie over on Twitter (where she goes by the handle: @dogquality to find out how she went about starting up her site.

"[I]t all began when my own dogs were having difficulty due to their age. Churchill my French Bulldog was struggling with rear leg weakness which was impairing his mobility and causing incontinence and my pug Mackenzie had arthritis so he was slowing down considerably. Both were
12 years old at the time. When I looked around for ways to help them I found very little and what I did find was not as effective as I believed they could be. I knew I could not be alone in my desire to make life better for my senior dogs and so I started Dog Quality to give people options."

While she started supporting other people's products, she quickly identified some gaps in the market that led her to manufacture:

The Dogger - A dog stroller for small to medium size dogs. Built with sturdy, light weight materials, the Dogger lets you get as much exercise as you'd like AND get allow you to bring your less than mobile dog to some of their favorite places. While the Dogger is cute, once I saw it in action in videos, practical and easy to maneuver where the first two thoughts that came to mind. It comes in a variety of colors and has a number of accessories available including, lights, therapeutic pad, and cup holder.

Washable Wonders - A line of diapers, wraps, and pads to help dogs with incontinence problems. As Ann-Marie points out, incontinence is a reason why some people wind up putting their dog to sleep, when all they may have is "a leaky bladder." She also points out that incontinence could be a sign of something more serious, but I can attest that some times it is just a due to a dog losing muscle mass, and therefore control, as they get older.

Even though Churchill and Mackenzie are no longer with us, Ann-Marie honors them by providing the tools that senior dogs owner need to enhance their older pals' quality of life. Watching any of her videos, you can't but feel how much of her passion is driven from these her, most important pooches and the desire to do right by all of their kind.

I'd highly recommend that you stop on by the DogQuality site and check out her testimonials page to hear what others have to say.

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