Bark Out Loud

The Dog Wonder and myself had a lot of fun this week with some extra wrestling and training. This was one of those weeks where I like to take it a little easier on his old bones by not exercising him too strenuously. For us, that means substituting a shorter walk for a longer walk every couple of days. It works out pretty well and I've found that he has a bit more energy if I'm doing this every second or third week.

Above we have our friend, Maxwell, who is a long time foster looking for a new home. The great news is that he has an awesome home, but it could be better. Maxwell is more than ready to fine a forever home, which would hopefully mean that his foster parents would be able to take in an old timer in even more need than he.

An update from a story that I posted several weeks ago on Blue's Fight for Freedom: Blue of Elephant Butte, NM was granted his freedom given that he remains within the boundaries of an electronic fence. It appears that there are still details to be worked out on how this will be implemented and if it is in conflict with other laws in the town, but it looks like a pretty good deal for Blue.

This post will be the second weekly overview that I've done. I'm still working out some of the details including what sorts of things I'll chat about each week, a name for this post series, etc., so if you have any ideas, send them over.

Photo credit (Maxwell): Larry Abgarian

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