Conversational Advice on the Care and Maintenance of your Senior Pooch

Good Old Dog Book CoverIn between owning BooBoo and ultimately taking Rusty in, I questioned whether I had done enough.

Had I done the right things? Was it enough?

I was pretty sure that I did. At least I thought that I did the best that I could.

I picked this book up just to make sure and to prepare myself for the next time that I would adopt a senior dog, because I was certain after caring for BooBoo for the time that we had, that there would be another senior dog in my house the next time I ventured into the world of canine companionship.

Good Old Dog is a great book for the layperson who is interested in what it takes to care for an older dog.

There are plenty of guidelines on caring for a variety of ailments prevalent in older dogs ranging from cancer to arthritis to Cushing's Syndrome. The tips on watching for particular symptoms is spot on what I've heard when talking with my vet before laying an eye on this book. Dodman does a great job at putting everything into simple language that is easy to digest. The commentary on making those final decisions on when to consider euthanasia as an option are touching, but professionally presented.

It's such a great book and it put my mind to ease that I did everything I could to give BooBoo the best life possible through our adventures in his later years.

Book: Good Old Dog, by Nicholas Dodman

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