About Us

SeniorPooch.com was created as an homage to the senior dogs that I've been lucky enough to shared my travels. Somewhere along the line, people started sharing their own stories with me about their older canine companions.

Given all of the challenges that first come to mind when people think about owning an older dog I wanted to create a place where those folks who know how rewarding it is to own a senior pooch can share their stories, as well as how they worked through the tough times.

My goal is to support the adoption of older dogs and show those people who are on the fence, that they can make a difference.

My name is Jeff.  By day, I'm an high tech product manager.  By night, I'm the Mutt-In-Charge here at SeniorPooch.com. I live in San Diego. I can be reached at jeff@seniorpooch.com

International star of stage and screen, Rusty, traded in his celebrity status to become chief proofreader at SeniorPooch.com.

Turn-ons include: Mammoth bones, bully sticks, and car rides.
Turn-offs include: Baths, speeding cyclists ON THE SIDEWALK, and gardeners.