Friday, April 19, 2013

Best of Senior Pooch Adoptions - Part 3 of 3

Lady, a beautiful GSD on death row, was adopted by our friend Larry

Today brings us the final group of dogs available on SeniorPooch Adoptions. If you never thought about adopting a senior dog, you're just like me. I had every reason in the world not to consider adopting an older dog six years ago, but something stirred in me when I met Boo Boo and heard his story that he needed just a little help. I couldn't have imagined then what he went through in the shelter for two months, but in hindsight it's no wonder it took months for him to break out of his shell. I'm glad I took the chance on him and he took the chance on me. It changed me forever.

In his memory, I hope you take a couple of minutes to take a look at the stories of these dogs and consider them as a new roommate or even just share them with a friend:

Senior Chihuahua, Thor, is bringing more hugs than thunder these days, which is fine with us.
Thor is a cuddler. He loves other pets and would be best in any home where he could lounge around and rub up against his people as often as possible. He's blind, but hasn't let that slow him down at all.

Griffie, the senior Labrador Retriever Mix, is ready for his walk with you.
Griffie was abandoned by his owner at the shelter for no reason that we could find. He's a great medium-sized boy who doesn't understand why he was left behind, but he gets along swimmingly with the shelter staff. He's healthy and has mastered the art of the leash. He's ready to go strolls with you in the park whenever you are.

Susie, a senior Labrador Retriever, is getting ready for a walk.
Susie is a special Labrador Retriever who, like Griffie, was brough tin by her owners for no reason after 14 years of loving service to them. Susie is looking for a place to rest her head in her golden years and prove to her owners that they were wrong about dumping her. She's also available for foster if you want to see what she's all about, but aren't quite sure you're ready to commit to a dog full time. Don't worry, Susie will give you time to adjust.

Onyx, a senior mixed breed dog, is on the lookout for a kiddie pool to splash in.
Finally (at least for now), we have our friend, Onyx aka The Water Tank. Onyx has a ton of spunk for an older dog as his video of playing with the shelter staff will attest.

He's a big boy at 79 lbs. and would love to have a nice yard to roll around and entertain you. He'd also love a kiddie pool for those hot summer days.

Any or all of these seniors would make a great dog for the first time dog owner. They know how to get along with people, including being house-trained and being ready to please. Stop on over to SeniorPooch Adoptions to learn more about their stories and if you can share, donate, foster, or adopt on their behalf I would recommend that you contact their current caretakers whose contact information is located on their profiles.

Sweet Hazel is a Chow-mix, who after a hard life found the perfect forever home where she spent the remainder of her golden years,