Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best of Senior Pooch Adoptions - Part 2 of 3

Senior Pekinese Mix, Maxwell, was adopted after being fostered for over a yearHappily, our beagle-friend, Cornelius, was adopted before his ad was ever posted

Without any additional fanfare, let's pick up where we left off yesterday checking out some of the worthy souls who are still available for adoption over on the SeniorPooch Adoptions page.

These Two Guys have no names and just need a chance to be adopted.
More than a few dogs that cross my path here on SeniorPooch Adoptions have no name, just like These Two Guys. It would appear to me that dogs without names are less likely to have people connect to them. Since, a shelter number is no name for a dog, what would you name them if you could?

Philippe is a 15 year old senior small breed mix that just needs to be spoiled.
Philippe, is 15 now. This gentle old soul just needs a little space to rest his head and lots of spoiling in his golden years. Even a temporary foster situation would do to help give his foster mom a break from time to time. He gets along with other pets.

Peppy, a senior chihuahua mix is doing better after the loss of her mom.
Peppy's journey started rocky with our introduction. She's a senior chihuahua mix whose human mother passed away suddenly. Her daughter reached out to me and after many emails and phone calls, the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego stepped up and saved the day for her. She's still open for adoption, but has opened up after a stressful time adjusting to her new situation. Many thanks to Ann and Sabrina at CRSD for being Peppy's guardian angels.

Missy and Princess, two little furry companions looking for a home
Missy and Princess aren't sisters in the traditional sense, but they have been together for most of their lives. They'd love to go to a forever home together, but would be just as happy to be placed individually to get 100% of the love they need and deserve.

Sam is an great dog. No, really. Sam's been in the same home since he's been 8 months old and unfortunately due to health reasons his owner can no longer care for him the way Sam deserves. Sam gets along with dogs, cats, and kids. If it walks, talks, crawls, barks, or meows, Sam is there with a wagging tail and a quick smile.

Many of this post's pets came to me via emails and people hearing about I'm humbled that they thought enough of our mission here to reach out. If you're looking to get an older dog adopted, see one here that you're interested in, or have a rescue with one or more older pooches that you need help placing, contact me and we'll see what we can do together.