Sunday, August 21, 2011 Putting a treasure trove of loving adoptable pets at your fingertips

For my last two canine companions, I've gone to to start my search.  From what I can tell all of the shelters and rescue organizations have some presence there.  In addition to making it incredibly easy to find exactly the right type of pet that is right for you, they also have great videos on selecting your ideal pet and what to do when you get home.

They boast 17 million adoptions in 15 years of existence, which is no small feat.  Consider that each adoption frees up an additional spot at a rescue that gives another animal a chance to get adopted and the numbers really start becoming astounding.

I'm inspired by their mission and have been (and will continue) to tweet adoptable senior pups from's site every week.  This will include a mix of both local pets, as well as those from a random city.  Write a comment with city's that you'd like to see covered in the coming weeks and I'll add them to the queue.  For good measure, throw in a blurb about why your city is a great place to own a pet.  This is not restricted to the US, so if I have to find other resources to get time for international pets, don't worry, I'll find a way.