Review - Orijen's Black Angus Beef Freeze Dried Treats

Orijen Black Angus Treats for Dogs
We recently had the opportunity to give Orijen's Black Angus Beef Freeze Dried Dog Treats and I'm happy to say that they received Rusty's prestigious "Eyes Rolling Back in My Head" Award.

Orijen puts out a fine product made simply of beef and beef tripe. Rusty, who has been known to have a delicate stomach, digested the treats just fine. The texture is just right for an other dog and even those with a tooth left to spare will be pleased. These cubed treats have a flaky texture when crushed, but more or less hold their form.

Orijen and Acana brands are made by the same company. 

Regardless of the size of your dog, I find these an excellent training aid.

Along with many other fine products, you can pick up a bag or three at and head straight over to the Orijen treat section.

Disclaimer: We received a bag of these treats from our friend's at No other compensation was received and this review is strictly based upon my experience with Rusty trying to strip the skin from my fingers to get one of these and his ability to digest the treat.