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Susie, a senior Labrador Retriever in Downey, California needs your help

Susie, our cover pooch for the week, is here to announce the first Bark Out Loud for the new year. For those of you who haven't seen Bark Out Loud before, 

This new year is off to a great start with Rusty and I talking with folks who will be interviewed for the site.

Speaking of Rusty, he received a couple of letters two weeks back from some of the people who helped rescue him. I'm thankful to them and all the others who touched Rusty in "The Dark Years" (two to be exact) where he made his travel from death row, being kicked out of two adopted homes, rejected from at least one rescue organization, and finally finding his way to me and all of the friends that he's made in my neighborhood.

A dog goes through a lot of challenges mentally, in addition to physically, when they are kenneled or in a shelter for a long period of time. Knowing that Rusty had so many people looking out and being with him during that time is an incredible gift. I'm no longer surprised at how well he kept it all together during that time and I'm extraordinarily grateful to those that are part of his story.

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