Keep It Simple Treats: Blue Buffalo Chicken Jerky

Rusty goes in for the kill on a Blue Buffalo Chicken Jerky Treat
I always prefer simple to complex when it comes to what I eat. If I can't digest the words that describe the ingredients of a product, why should I expect my stomach to do so?

Same thing for my elder pup, Rusty. Rusty loves treats in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few that he goes nuts over. Note Exhibit A: the picture to the left.

I'd apologize for the blurry nature of the picture, except that the technology hasn't been invented that capture the speed of the predator when it's about to fall upon its quarry.

The quarry in this case is Blue Buffalo Trail Treats All Natural Grain-Free Chicken Jerky. Note how his eyes never leave his prey even when it's in his grasp. No fingers were lost during this experiment, but we're professionals. Don't try this at home. (OK... you can try it at home, but we can't be responsible for the wagging tails that follow.)

The great news is the reduced number of ingredients are easy to digest. Chicken, Dried Cane Molasses, and Salt. That's it.

Like all reviews for food that we do, we wait to make sure that everything was digested properly. Taste is one thing. The health and well being of your canine pal is another. We take both seriously here. Like people, your pooch's stomach may vary from mine, so start off slow with the treats. They're not a replacement for food or affection no matter what Rusty says.

One out of one dogs named Rusty agree: Give me another chicken jerky treat!

These treats are made and packaged in the United States.

Disclaimer: We received a free sample of these from our friends at, formerly Mr. Chewy. The results are strictly my and Rusty's honest opinion. When we don't give a positive review I try to explain why. In this case, I think we found a new training treat for the old man.

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