Bark Out Loud for Your People

This Bark Out Loud is dedicated to the folks who get out there and make a difference for dogs that aren't their own. Above we have our friend, Larry Abgarian, who has not only contributed many  pictures to, but also rescued and fostered his share of dogs. My pal Rusty, also pictured above, wouldn't be with us today if it weren't for Larry. He's just one of many interviews that we've had over the past year and a half.

Becky White is another canine superhero, who, as a dog walker/boarder in Toronto, Canada, who I met because of a particular article she wrote about senior dogs. Over the months we've become friends and I can tell you that I've learned a heck of a lot about what makes a great pet advocate blog from her example.

The first interview where I put out a call to folks that I didn't know came from Eugenia Vogel, whose interview on training set the standard for the interviews that we continue to post here today and reinforced how we can help build a happier dog, by just being a bit more consistent and thoughtful in the things we say and do.

There are many more, but the last one I'll call out here is an interview with Melissa Lisbon, who is one of the founders of the San Jose Animal Advocates. Melissa's focus on educating the public about homeless animals and supporting the shelter and rescue communities highlights how someone with a will to make a difference can pull together the right team and change the world one small dog or kitten at a time.

I'd encourage anyone who's interested in reading more interviews to click through on the Interview link to get first hand accounts of animal advocacy in your community.

I'm honored to share a mission with you all.

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