Old Dogs on the Move

It's been a busy couple of weeks here with several SeniorPooch Adoptions alumni making their move:

Sasha was sprung from the San Diego North County shelter by The Dog Squad's Sue Barbato, who describes her as a "dream dog." Note: Sue ended up adopting Sasha.

Archie the senior lab was adopted after dropping over 20 lbs of extra weight. Kudos to his foster family for caring enough to put in the effort to help Archie.

Maple gets a change of scenery. After a year of being at the shelter, Maple is being transferred to another shelter out of state. I'll keep you posted when I found out where. Maple came out to several adoption events I volunteered at she was always a sweetheart. My introduction to her was sitting beside her and her handler with a dog I was watching. After taking a treat from me, she came over and used my leg as a pillow. I wish her nothing but the best.

And then there is Amy. Amy's two time foster-mom, Penny Adams passed away last week. At 21 there wasn't a lot of hope that Amy would find a forever home. Happily a kind shelter volunteer recognized Amy as a kindred spirit and took her in. I can't imagine a happier ending than this and tribute to Penny, whose selfless rescue work has saved so many animals over the years.

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