Bark Out Loud Because There Are Brighter Days Ahead

Let's hear it for Griffie! Being an old dog, as well as one that is black puts two strikes against him in his chances to get adopted. Take a look at the Adoptions Page for more info and if you're in the Los Angeles area you may very well want to check this special guy out. He hasn't been in too long, but he's getting a bit stir crazy in there.

As far as I'm concerned the only bad luck that black dogs have is that they're difficult to get a good look of in most dimly lit shelters. Given a chance and the opportunity to strut their stuff outside of the bounds of their cage, I'll bet they surprise you with how they shine.

There's some good news this week coming out of Change.Org. If you recall a few months back there was a concern that some key provisions of the Hayden Law might be rolled back reducing the time shelters were required to hold stray dogs. After 65,000 people let their voices be heard, Governor Brown decided against changing the law. Kudos to Marla Tauscher who started the petition that helped keep the law as it is.

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