Bark Out Loud and Take a Long Weekend

Another week in the books and you haven't found that perfect dog. Fortunately for you, Marty is a personal friend of mine, and he's ready to find his forever home. I met him a couple of weeks back. He's in fantastic shape, knows all his basic commands, is house-broken, and is extremely adaptable to different personalities and energy levels. 

Maybe you've decided to take a senior dog, like Marty, home. Maybe you've decided on someone a bit younger at the shelter. Either way, might I recommend planning ahead and taking a long weekend to help get your new buddy or buddette accustom to you for an extra day or two?

The benefits go both ways. The dog gets to know you and your mannerisms, and you get some extra bonding time, as well as easing them into a routine. You're able to get out for short periods of time after some dedicated pooch-time to help build up their confidence that you're the one that will always come back home for them. If they've been in a shelter for more than a week or two, this is important to ease their jangled nerves.

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