Bark Out Loud - Add Up The Benefits

Juno is an adoptable Jack Russell Terrier in Upstate NY that is still looking for a home. Like so many senior dogs, she's house-trained and gets along with everyone. Being cute as a button is just an added perk you get if you can help her find her forever and ever home. 

The Mall Dogs Documentary that I've been helping to promote has been picking up steam, but still needs a lot of help to a sufficient funding level. To simplify it, they either get all of the funding if they reach their goal or they get none of it. None. Zero. Zilch. Check out the interview that I did with film maker Jessi Badami, look at the videos, and see if you can help get this film made. Funds will be used for renting the equipment and services required to make the movie, as well as getting it screened and distributed. I can't imagine a more important project to make happen this year. Next week, I'll be posting an interview with the film's animator, Lili Chin.

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