Something to chew on, Moose Antlers and the Senior Dog

What do you do when you're an old dog that doesn't have the choppers that you once had, but still have a hankering for something to chew on?

Honestly, there aren't many options. While Rusty still has excellent teeth, I'm always on the lookout for treats that even the senior canine would appreciate.

Enter: Doggie Delicacy's Moose Antler Chews.

I liked that they met my expectations for what I expected of the product based upon my research. The moose antler is a bit more porous than most other bones and if your dog is more likely to gum a bone than chew it, the surface is going to get get a little soft. After seven minutes of chewing this is what I noticed. The good news is that the bone itself didn't crack or splinter with my aggressive chewer. Of course you mileage may vary, so always ALWAYS supervise your pet when they're chewing on bones.

I have to tell you though that this treat was far from Rusty's favorite. The antler is still in tact, and while he'll occasionally sniff at it, he hasn't been back at it since the initial test. He's much more inclined to go for treat that have different favors or meat still on the bone, so if you have one of those dogs that are interested in a raw bone, this one's for you. As I mentioned, it gets extra points from me for being Senior Pooch-friendly.

Disclaimer: We received a complementary Moose Antler Chew from for the purpose of writing my opinion of the product. No other compensation was provided. 

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