Dog food at your doorstep

Wouldn't it be great if you could cross just one thing off your To-Do List every month?

We've all got a million things going on in our lives, so why not make life a little easier by taking just one thing off that list for the month?

Right up front, I'm going to tell you that I didn't think that having dog food automatically sent to me on a monthly basis would be that item.

My usual routine is to wait until the bag of food gets to a certain level and then make a pet store run after work a few days before I'm going to run out. What I found out is that I'm pretty consistent when I go within a week and on top of that I'm picking up the same treats (Greenies every month, training treats every two or three months, etc.)

Enter Mr. Chewy.

They contacted me to do a review of their site, but based upon my experience, I ended up a return customer.

The site doesn't have as many categories as other sites, but that's one of it's appeals: It's easy to find the essentials for your pet. (They're focused on dogs and cats.)

First off, they're selection is better than you're going to get at your local pet store. I tested their ability to provide even the most rare dog food (at least where I live), by picking up a bag of Acana Pacifica for Dogs. Within a week of ordering, it showed up, free shipping, in a box with a variety of other goodies that I selected from among common and not so common items. Greenies, Natural Balance treats, and Flossies (twisted bully sticks) were among the other items that I picked up. All were received without a scratch on the packaged goods and no discernible settling of the contents, which was particularly impressive.

I already mentioned automating this task on a monthly basis, which was my big concern being a designer of technology solutions. There are a lot of companies that don't get that it's important to integrate support with the online purchasing solutions. Mr. Chewy gets it, by providing an easy to use interface to cancel or change your recurring orders, as well as online chat and very prevalent support phone number so that you can just pick up the phone to change an order. For example, if around Christmas time I want to change my order to ship two weeks later: No problemo. A quick phone call and it's done.

After donating the food and treats provided to me via the credit provided by Mr. Chewy, I went back curious to see if I could find Dasiquin, a Glucosamine/MSM supplement in the Pet Health Category. Sure enough there it was, and a week later, it showed up at my doorstep.

Mr. Chewy also understands the compassionate mindset of the pet owner as well as how to promote their site. Each user is assigned a unique code, that they can pass along to their friends. The code gives their friends 10% off on their first offer, as well as donating $10 to a charity of your choice if they use your code. Since I'm already sold on the service that they provide and will be back again, I can't help but recommend that you give them a try and type in the code of JEFF2324 to get the 10% off and have $10 donated to the North Shore Animal League America.

Mr. Chewy provided with a $50 credit to try their service in return for an honest review. No other compensation was provided or promised. Goods received with the credit provided were donated to a local rescue professional, sans one bully stick that a dog that will remain nameless made off with during a review of the service.

Normally I'd like to find at least one thing wrong or at least not ideal with a product or service to make it seem like I'm not out and out promoting the service, but in this case I cannot. Your mileage may vary with your order of course, but given all the factors I've listed, I'm certain you'll be satisfied with the products and service you receive.

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