This One's for Daffy

Daffy dog smiling for the camera
Daffy might just be on the verge of being a senior dog, but she's been through enough ups and downs for several of her doggie lifetimes. I wanted to share her story to reach out to those animal lovers among us who could see their way to help her past her current challenges to be a healthy senior pooch one day.

One of the most important things that Daffy has going for her is a forever home with Ingrid. Ingrid's previous dog passed two years prior and had been told about Daffy twice by different people before deciding that fate had meant that she and Daffy should be together.

Only through Ingrid's patience and letting Daffy work things out on her schedule (nearly a year after they started  living together) helped the pup trust again after having been neglected by her previous owners.

Unfortunately Daffy's real challenge was just beginning. Tremors severe enough to shake Daffy off the bed began to regularly plague her. It was only after several visits to the veterinarian that they determined the next steps were to get her to a specialist with the correct equipment to diagnose and treat the poor old girl.

This is where we come in, folks.

Ingrid is unable to foot the entire bill for travel (nearly 250 miles away from her small town in Kansas), board, and paying for Daffy's treatment. The Barker's Dozen has already done the heavy lifting by setting up the means to help them out.  For the remainder of the month, they'll be donating 50% of their profits to assist Daffy in getting the treatment that she needs, as well as setting up a ChipIn page if anyone is interested donating even a couple of dollars to help. I'd personally appreciate any support that you can give.

Daffy and Ingrid's full story can be found here:
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