Loyalty at the end of the long hard road

Old dog's know a good thing when they find it.

People may forget where they came from and who helped to get them there, but the same cannot be said of old dogs. Through the trials that many dogs, especially shelter dogs, face in their relatively short time on this planet, you can bet that they know what a good thing is when it finally comes upon them.

For those of you who are senior dog lovers, the picture above is common. You're watching TV, reading, and/or are otherwise occupied and you look up and see a pair of eyes, clouded by age, staring back at you. They're watching your every move. Maybe they're waiting to see if you're headed to the kitchen. Maybe they were closed a moment ago and they opened sensing you stirring.  It doesn't really matter. All they know is that they're now looking at the person who cares most about them in the world and they're going to look after you every bit as much as you have looked after them.

People may forget, but even those old dogs that you meet that bounced from home to home looking for a place to lay their weary bones, spent months or years in shelters, were deemed "unadoptable" because of their age or unacceptable behavior, know that when they've found someone that they can trust that they can let the love flow freely. Sometimes the road has been so hard for these dogs that it can take weeks, months, or occasionally years to build trust, but when they know that they are yours and you are there's that it's OK to sit back and be grateful for all of the things that they have going for them in the now and isn't that what we are all looking for?

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