January Adoption Update

This month's adoption update brings us some great news for a very special dog.

Lady Guinevere (aka Lady) was found in a shelter apparently having been used to breed most of her life and then dumped when she got too old. Our friend Larry Abgarian made it his mission to get Lady out of there, and camera in hand took the video and several pictures that would make it to and and went further by pulling her from the shelter.

Months went by and Lady had several calls (including one very gracious person from North Carolina, who would have made a great owner, but the distance and Lady's health prevented Larry from pursuing that lead.)  Putting on some much needed weight and battling through kennel cough, Lady G began to make friends with Larry's extended animal family, including two dogs and two cats.

Eventually, Larry decided the best thing for all parties was to make his home Lady's permanent place of residence.  Bravo, to Larry for being Lady Guinevere's knight in shining armor.

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