Prevent the Repeal of Critical Provisions of the Hayden Law

The Petition

Back in 1997, Governor Wilson of California signed the Hayden Law (SB 1785) into law and now key portions of it are in danger of being overturned.

In the name of saving money for the state, Governor Brown is trying to change the law in the following ways:

  • Reduce the number of days of holding a pet in a shelter before it is euthanized to 72 hours
  • Eliminating the requirement to provide veterinary care to shelter animals
  • Severely downgrading how animals brought in are documented
All of these increase the chance that if you lose your pet, that it'll be put down or remain in an injured state longer should it be "lucky" enough to find it's way to a shelter in California under Governor Brown's changes. 

An appalling number of senior pets already spend their last days waiting for someone to find them in a shelter.

I'd like each of you to consider this and if you find it in your heart, sign The Petition.

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