How Old is Your Senior Pooch?

The results are back in from the first ever poll.  Back in November I asked how old is the oldest senior pooch that you've owned. Here are the results:

25 of you responded.

 4%  - 9 to 10 years old
20% - 11-12 years old
40% - 13-15 years old
36% - Older than 15 years old

On behalf of all of your old dogs I'd like to thank all of you for working to give them a high quality of life for as long as you have. I continue to meet more and more people who care about senior dogs as much as all of you and recognize their unique benefits, so I'm happy to see such a large percent of the survey trending towards the higher end.

Of course this doesn't speak to the size and health of the dogs referenced in the survey, which are important factors, but that just leaves us with areas to explore in future polls.

If you didn't get a chance top respond or would like to talk about your senior pooch, I encourage you to do so, as always, in the comments attached to this post and others.

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