Top Ten Things My Old Dog is Thankful For

This year, Rusty has a lot to be thankful for, so I figured I would jot down just a few of the things that make this old dog's day:

10. Taking an extra turn around the parking lot with his head out the window

9. Belly rubs at 5 AM

8. Extra long walks in the park

7. Listening to the rain come down on his patio rug (and not getting wet!)

6. The therapeutic powers of the world's best back scratching hedges this far west of the Mississippi

5. Getting to see his foster dad from time to time

4. Showing me he knows the way home all by himself

3. His giant Kong Wobbler - Who knew eating one bit of kibble at a time could be so much fun? (Look! There's another one!)

2. Keeping the neighborhood safe from the raccoon menace

1. Finding a forever home

Feel free to share some of your own.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!
--Rusty and Jeff

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