Senior Pooch Benefit 2: There's plenty of room between a rock and a hard place

Most of your older dogs are just going to be happy with a nice quiet place to sleep and the security knowing that you're going to always be there. You don't want a dog that's zipping through the house like a mad man anyway, and lucky for you older dogs have figured out by this time that slow and steady is the way to go.

I'll caveat this by saying that most senior dogs are going to require a place to live with at least two rooms.

Why two?

It's simple, there are going to be those times that there are those times that they're going to want to be with you no matter what. They might sit across from you for hours, staring at you and counting their lucky stars that you're their's and they are yours.

And then there are those other times, such as when you have the TV or music turned up. For those times, they're more likely to go find that "safe place" that is somewhere out of the way so they can get some peace and quiet. With this in mind, I'd recommend getting two dog beds, or getting a bed, and a couple of dog blankets that you can turn into a bed so they're not laying for long periods of time on a hard flat surface.

Figure out a nice corner of your place for your dog's food and water and if at all possible (and in particular if you're not going to be home all day), set up a dog door to your yard or patio. Some extra sunshine (from access to the outdoors, or by putting their bed in a well lit spot) to warm those old bones is just what the doctor ordered.
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