Site Updates - Fifty percent more fluffiness

 Over the last couple of weeks the site has quickly been picking up steam.  Thanks to everyone that has taken a moment to reach out to post a comment, or write, or give their suggestions and well wishes.  Over the past week I've been working on a few updates that went into place today.  Namely:

  • The URL - We're still a Blogger hosted blog, however, I picked up the domain name and hooked it together.
  • A New Banner - With a little bit of elbow grease and measuring, I updated the banner to allow everyone to see more of the content upon entering the page, by reducing the logo height.
  • Linked to the Twitter Feed - More on why we needed a Twitter feed later, but the short of it, is that there's a lot of complementary work that I'm starting to do in the Twitterverse in order to get the word out about senior dogs in need.
Also, you'll also now be able to contact me via the domain @ jeff@ (remove the space in between the @ and  This is an old trick to make it more difficult for the spammers to mine the page for email addresses.)

Thanks again for all of your kind words and support.  I'm inspired to grow this site into something that makes a difference in the world, while continuing to report on the adventures of Rusty and the other senior pooches that touch our lives.

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