Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making it Personal - A Contest

Ever had a senior dog that taught you something either him/herself or about you? is launching its first ever contest, here's what I need you to do:

  • Write 100-500 words about yourself and that special senior pooch of yours, whether they are still with us or not.
  • The dog in question must have been (or is) at least seven years old.
  • Include some lesson you learned from your dog as it got older that makes you a better person and/or something about the dog him/herself that you appreciated about them as they reached their golden years.
  • Include 1-3 pictures (saved as .JPG or .PNG) of said dog. Ideally there's at least one of you together. 
  • The post isn't trying to sell or market goods or services.
  • You can submit one entry for each dog that matches the criteria listed above. The dog and the pictures you send must have been owned by you. If someone else took the pictures, I'm assuming that you're only sending pics that you have permission to post on the Internet.
  • Include an email address where I can reach you to get further contact information should you win one of the prizes.  I will not use this email address for signing you up to any newsletter or service, and will not forward any information you send me to any third party, or use it to market to you in any way.
Where do you send the story and pics?
Send them to my email address.

How soon do you need to get it in?
All submissions need to be sent in by no later than April 15 11:59PM PST.

What do you get for sharing your story?
  • You get put into a random drawing for one of three copies of the book: Good Old Dog, which I highly recommend whether you have an old dog now or plan on adding one to your family (or even have a pup that is a senior pooch in training.) 
  • You could get your story posted on This isn't restricted to the three folks chosen. I'll try to get as many posted as possible. I reserve the right to not publish a story at my discretion. Each of the prize winners will be a distinct person. content is sometimes syndicated to other websites related to pets and animals, including: and It's not my call whether stories get posted to those other sources, but writing a quality story does help.
  • When posting the story I might correct spelling and/or grammar and can adjust the formatting (ie, create extra paragraph breaks, insert the picture(s) supplied at particular spots, change the text formatted to bold/italicize/increase-decrease font size/change font color), or split it into multiple posts. If it needs more substantial changes and I have a spot to post it, I may contact you for changes or to let you know what things I'll be tweaking (removing, changing the order of a couple of paragraphs, substituting a different word, etc.)
  • You get to show the world how many of us there are out there who love our senior dogs.
Is that it?  
If I get 100 submissions, I'll make a $100 donation to a single rescue organization of my choosing that specializes in rescuing older dogs or has at least five senior dogs that they're trying to get adopted. (Yes, I'm being sneaky. I want you to share the heck out of this post!)

Question? Comments? Post them as comments.