Monday, August 29, 2011

Senior Pooch Adoptions, now open for business

Too often senior dogs find their way to a shelter later in their life and when shown along side their younger brothers and sisters, they may not show as well.

I'm here to say that it doesn't have to be that way.

This site was started to bring awareness to all of the great things that our elder canine companions mean to us, and now we're going to go one step further (that's right... "We", you're in this with me, aren't you?) We're going to make sure that everyone knows where to find a pet that has been trained, is house-broken, and is just looking for a warm bed and a person to be by their side.

The adoption site has been up for a bit over a week and already the search engines are directing people here who are searching for adoptable pets of particular breeds in different parts of the world.  Click on Adopt-a-Senior Pooch or click on the slide show of available pets to check it out.

If you are part of a rescue organization, shelter, doggie foster parent, or an owner looking to find a new loving home to your long time companion, then I'd like you to consider clicking on the Contact Us link cross posting to  It'll put your more seasoned dogs on equal footing with those of a similar age.  I'll link back to the site that you originally posted to if that helps and take the time to see if we can put together a page that will hopefully make the time that the dog remains unadopted as short as possible. is another great site to use.  I love that they have a search by age.  Think of as one more place that searchers for that perfect dog could stumble across on the Internet.

Are you responsible for the ads of a lot of pets?  Pop me out an email, and I'll move the content over myself.

Each pet page allows anyone to share that information via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, as well as being able to give your favorites a "+1", which increases the chance that they'll rate higher in Google Search Engine, making it easier for web searches to pick them up.

Get a little selfish.  How good would you feel if you were able to give the gift of one or two more years to an older dog?  Pretty darn good.  I know the feeling.  It's incredible.

Check your existing ads, or if you haven't posted an ad anywhere yet, look down at that older dog you're currently supporting, and let's make them shine, together.

Looking for a new companion pet that is already knows his or her way around the block?  The site is for you too.  Go on in and have a look around.